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Rationale and Purpose:
For the past 15 weeks, you have been exposed to new concepts
and theories while also engaging in conversations with your classmates on difficult topics. As the culminating assignment for the course, this paper offers you the opportunity to develop a vision for how you might be able to ethically apply the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the semester. Developing a vision for ethical application and sharing that vision with others allows you to identify the specific attitudinal and be havioral goals and actions necessary to continue your learning and engagement in intercultural communication, helps you combat feelings of complacency, dislocation, and demoralization, and it can provide you with an added level of support and accountability on your intercultural journey.
1)Martin & Nakayama (2013) provide a framework for understanding what it means to be an ethical student of culture. According to Martin & Nakayama, “Being an ethical student of culture involves developing self-reflexivity, learning about others, and developing a sense of social justice and responsibility” (p. 40). Using the Martin & Nakayama frame as your guide, write a
paper(1100-1500 words) that addresses the questions/prompts below. As a part of your discussion, make sure to provide sufficient depth and demonstrate an understanding of how course concepts coalesce into a cohesive whole.
a)What does developing self-reflexivity, learning about others, and developing a
sense of social justice and responsibility entail?
b)What are some specific ways in which you can personally embody those
qualities moving forward? In other words, lay out your vision for actualizing
your learning and being an ethical intercultural communicator in the future
c)Discuss barriers/obstacles you might encounter in attempting to realize your
vision and identify ways in which you could overcome those barriers.
d)Identify what resources you will need to successfully fulfill your vision.
e)Provide a personal rationale for why pursuing a life as an ethical student of
culture might be a worthwhile endeavor for you.

Formatting Specifications:
Your paper should be composed of complete sentences and paragraphs. It should be double spaced with standard 1” margins. Please use 12 point Times New Roman font, and make sure to include a title page with your name on it 


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