Writing Course Essay

Essay Option 1- Poetry
Step 1: Please read “Chapter 8: Fixed Forms” from your textbook.
Step 2: Select a poetic form that you would like to write about in your essay (e.g. sonnet, terza rima, free verse, pantoum, villanelle, etc)
Step 3: Decide what your thesis for this paper will be. It should be analytical. It will not be a report or a summary. I want to see your critical thoughts and ideas about the poetic form, much like how you explored ideas in our weekly discussions.
Step 4: Write an 800-1000 essay about the poetic form that you chose. You may provide a little background about the poem style in the introduction, but the majority of the paper will be about specific poems and why they are good examples of the form, or ineffective examples of the form. 
Step 5: All sources including poems must be cited in MLA format. Plagiarized work will receive an automatic zero.

Rubric for this assignment
Paper is written in MLA format with all sources properly cited and
is formatted double-spaced, 12 point font, Garamond or Times New Roman 25 points
Paper has a clear thesis and student idea 10 points
Paper is written in critical format with analysis; does not summarize 20 points
Paper refers to specific stories or poems, incorporating lines or passages into their argument well 20 points
Paper is 800-1000 words 25 points


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