Write 150 word answering the questions below in a paragraph form. Need to cite and reference to support answer. 


Really great point about the interaction with others that the client/offender will experience. When linking clients to resources, we also must consider responsivity factors/appropriateness of the referral. What might be the concerns with linking clients to inappropriate/not well matched resources for both the client  and the resource itself? Thoughts?

Reason question was asked:


One of the key roles of a case manager is to advise the client. There are various resources in the community that are necessary for the success of the client in the program, and hence there is a need for the case manager to link the client to those resources. The case manager, therefore, is responsible for determining which resources are in the community that is deemed necessary for the client. It is the case manager that can evaluate the effectiveness of the resource and its availability in the community. The client’s needs to interact with other people with the same issue and those with a different issue. Linking the client to the community resources will hence create a platform for interaction with others (Rojano, 2014). It is possible for the client to learn some concepts in life such as sharing and helping one another. This is in most cases key in the healing process. Failing to link the client to these resources may deny him such opportunities and hence interferes with the program effectiveness.


Rojano, R. (2014). The practice of community family therapy. Family Process, 43(1), 59-77.


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