Wk-5 D-2

Question: 1 

Anti-malware software, which includes anti-virus software, is typically used to protect statistics systems from malware attacks. To stop unauthorised get right of entry to or attacks from the Internet, firewalls are brought to manipulate the network traffic between computers and the Internet. By integrating with the firewall and anti-malware software, Internet safety suites are added in the market to provide protection against cyber-attacks. In case a computer is infected with a malware, a healing tool can be used to repair the machine. The tool can additionally be used to rescue the laptop by means of booting-up the machine with an exterior disk or an optical disk to clean and get rid of the malware, or restore the desktop from clean backup copy (Barile, I. 2006). The following are lists of anti-malware software, Internet safety suites and post-malware infection recovery tools presented on different platforms, inclusive of Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac and mobile, free of charge or with positive prerequisites for your reference.

It is essential to notice that the use of related business software program is difficulty to respective phrases of use. Please go through the instructions, phrases and stipulations and associated information. You have to totally understand and agree to the licence settlement earlier than downloading and the use of the software. Some software program or offerings may also be free of cost when used for non-commercial purposes; however a cost can also apply if the tool is used with the aid of an industrial agency or for business purposes. In case of doubt, please make clear with the dealer or provider earlier than installation.

In addition, you must keep track of any software vulnerabilities or safety advisories announced by the vendor, and follow all indispensable patches or safety measures right away in order to protect your computer.

The above lists of anti-malware software, Internet safety suites and post-malware contamination recovery tools are no longer exhaustive. All products listed are for reference solely and must NOT be viewed as encouraged or authorized products. The products/services referenced in this web page are furnished with the aid of events other than InfoSec. InfoSec makes no representations regarding either the products/services or any statistics about the products/services (Marak, V. 2015). Any questions, complaints or claims related to the products/services have to be directed to the respective dealer or supplier.


Barile, I. (2006). Protecting your PC. Boston, MA: Charles River Media.

Marak, V. (2015). Windows Malware Analysis Essentials. Packt Publishing.


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Question: 2  

Malware is generally termed as malicious software, a type of program in computers which is meant to infect a legitimate user’s computer (Lee, 200). This program can inflict harm to the user or the owner in various ways. Malware comes in different forms and can infect computers in various ways. Malware can infect computers in the form of Trojans, spyware, viruses or worms (Hwang, 2009). Malware can interfere with personal or sensitive data of an organization. Customers’ data are also interfered with. Customers may decide to move to another organization whose data is secured and the affected organization may end up running at a loss. It is, therefore, advisable to protect organizational assets against Malware.

In situations whereby an asset has been infected by malware, it is advisable for the user to disconnect the computer from the internet. Disconnection will help in preventing more data from being sent to a malware server or even from spreading further. Thereafter, one should enter the safe mode. This is often termed as a safe boot (Hwang, 2009). This is a way in which it will enable one to restart his or her computer so that it can be able to check and permit the minimum required software or programs to load. In case malware set to load automatically, it will definitely stop the malware from doing so. When trying to remove malware, one should be able to minimize or stop logging into accounts (Hwang, 2009). Malware scanner should then be run through the computer so that it can detect any malware. Finally, one should try and fix the browser and clear the cache. In Large organization I.e. Samsung Electronics Company, they always ensure that their computers have Antivirus installed; this will prevent computers from being attacked by the virus.


Huang, K. T., Lee, Y. W., & Wang, R. Y. (2009). Quality information and knowledge management. Publisher: Prentice Hall.

Hwang, K., Kulkareni, S., & Hu, Y. (2009, December). Cloud security with virtualized defense and reputation-based trust management. In 2009 Eighth IEEE International Conference on Dependable, Autonomic and Secure Computing (pp. 717-722). IEEE.


I want 200 words explanation on this paragraph with 3 reference, your sentence must be start from, I like your post, I would like to add some more details on your discussion.


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