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People often don’t like change and may not push beyond comfort zones unless nudged. Yet change is inevitable. Understanding, embracing, and empowering others to view change as a tool is one of the many challenges of today’s leaders. Effective leaders not only foster and facilitate change, they empower others to cope with, adapt to, and sometimes even embrace it. This is true empowerment given the fact that change is the constant.

To prepare for this Discussion:

·  Review Chapter 4 in your course text. Pay particular attention to the section titled, “The Concept of Visioning.”

·  Review Chapter 17 in your course text. Focus on rules to guide leaders in implementing change and the importance of attitude.

·  Consider how an effective leader fosters and supports change.

·  Think of two characteristics an effective leader would need to foster and support change.

·  Consider two strategies a leader might employ to empower people in coping with, adapting to, and even embracing change.

·  Think of an example of an effective leader who is or was successful in fostering and supporting change. The leader may be someone you know personally or a historic or current figure who is a prominent leader.


With these thoughts in mind:

Post a response to the following:

Explain the role of effective leaders in fostering and supporting change while empowering others in the process. Include two characteristics that such leaders would need, as well as two strategies they might employ in order to empower people to cope with, adapt to, and embrace change. Provide an example of someone who is or was effective in this role and explain why and how.


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