TRANSPORTATION Logistics Management 313

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Discuss the nature of social and labor issues that domestic manufacturers will likely face with their international suppliers. Why is it important to understand the cultural background of a foreign supplier?

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When it comes to social and labor issues and dealing with them when it comes to a foreign supplier, it is destined to happen and will happen at some point with almost any company. Communication issues happen to companies within the United States and they speak the same language, so when you throw in two companies that don’t speak the same language, some stuff is bound to get lost in translation. Between communication differences and maybe not necessarily being to keen on cultural differences, it could lead to future conflict or possibly not do business together in the future.

When it comes to labor issues, we all know the United States is incredibly strict when it comes to labor. Between unions, laws and age/hour limits when it comes to jobs, we are one of the strictest countries when it comes to these issues. So when you’re dealing with a country that has no labor laws or has little kids sewing shoes together for you, it becomes more of a moral issue than anything. All businesses care about is making money so you see most businesses overlooking labor laws. We would like to think big businesses have the little guy in mind but it’s proven time and time again that companies would rather save money and outsource their labor to cheaper countries that use kids and work them 70+ hours a week. 

There are always going to these issues when dealing with other countries until we get standardized labor laws across the board but that will not happen anytime soon.


First off i would like to wish you all a Happy and safe New Year. I think when dealing with the nature of social and labor issues that domestic manufacturers may come across one has to understand the culture that they will or may have dealings with. Also understand that there will be many barriers that you may come across such as communication. Communication is always important and at times it is not what you say but how you say it. Dealing with international suppliers means understanding their culture and even religion. Understanding someone’s culture may be the difference in making or breaking a deal. Also understanding that certain cultures may view certain jobs or task as those that are completed by a certain gender. I know that here in the states we have a certain way of doing things. However, in other countries they may or may not agree with our ways. Such issues may be the required age in order to employ someone. Where here in the state of Georgia for example one most have reached the age of 16 in order to work. In other countries the legal working age may be a lot younger. What are your guidelines that an American company must abide by when dealing with contracting work to an international source? Do they employ women? How does that country or region view woman working in certain fields of labor? Once again the importance of understanding the culture that you are conducting business with is important. For example something a simple as a handshake could make or break a deal. For example “In South Korea, a senior person will initiate a handshake, where it is preferred to be weak. It is a sign of respect to grasp the right arm with the left hand when shaking hands. It is also considered rude or disrespectful to have your free hand in your pocket while shaking hands.”(1)


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