The Cone of Learning/Remembering

Assignment 2: Develop an Interactive Learning Resource

Value: 30 marks
Due date: 29 June 2018


Based on your Assignment 1 design, modified as required by the instructor’s feedback, you are to develop the design using appropriate learning technology.

You will work as the same team that developed the project design for Assignment 1. You will all receive the same mark for the assignment. Please attach all of your names on the assignment submission.

Related Course Goals and Objectives

  • Develop an interactive learning resource using appropriate media and technology tools

Requirements (Mark Value)

  1. Describe the key features/capacities of the technology and/or media you are using as an online training and/or learning medium and explain briefly why you chose it.(10 Marks)
  2. Demonstrate a learning/training lesson using the chosen technology and/or media (15 marks)
  3. Difficulty and quality counts! As in diving, snowboarding or BMX, for example, your total potential score of 5 will be partly a function of the difficulty level of the demonstration produced and the quality of the final product. (5 Marks)

Submission Instructions

  1. Submit an MS Word document that answers requirement 1.
  2. Include a link to your completed Learning/Training lesson in your submission.
  3. Please indicate the names of your group, if applicable, on the heading of the document.
  4. Please submit the same document into each of your Assignment 2 submission boxes if submitting as a group.

(Another 200-300 words small discussion) (separate work)

Avoiding “Death Valley” Instruction

“Death Valley” instruction can be characterized as a condition where instruction is being delivered, but little or no learning or skill development is taking place. With reference to the articles and videos, outline conditions that are likely to engage learners in your learning activities.


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