Team Management



A.     Consider the different teams presented in your reading assignment. How do the teams manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? Support your discussion with at least two (2) external sources.

B.     Consider the list of common roles for team members which of these roles do you think you play in your own team or group? Why?

WRITE 400 WORDS ON THIS ABOVE TOPIC IN ONE DOCUMENT AND 100 to 150 WORDS AS A RESPONSE TO THE BELOW GIVEN TWO ANSWER. 1 Paragraph for each answer. (make sure no plagiarism).

Answer 1


There are different types of teams and they have different types of process to manage their working boundaries and achieve the project outcome.  The main thing any team want to manage to get succeeded is their internal and external communication. The team must follow some rules in communication to succeeded they are they must communicate within the team so frequently, they must share the information between them and finally must keep that information away from other teams (Bennett and Robinson, 2000). The other thing the team should manage is the time pressure. Any team if they feel the time pressure on them they can’t work 100%. So, try to keep the time pressure away from the team members. Generally, this time pressure will be felled by the group of size 5 or 8 members.

The trade -off between different types of teams are there are different types ties for the internal teams and for the external teams. For example, take in case of the marketing team they only concentrate on the external tied because that is their work to promote the product and increase the sales. Consider the development team they must communicate with in the team and have too maintain some good internal ties within them so that only they can finish the end line. This development team won’t consider about the external ties because that is not their duty. So there some people like managers, Team leads they must maintain both the internal and external ties because they must take care of everything. That’s why they split the work between them and they will communicate to each other to share the information.


the team members must aware about their own emotions and they must keep in mind what they are dealing and how to achieve that. Everyone has their problems and work but when you are interacting with the team about an issue you must keep your emotions a side and cooperate with the team. That’s the skill every team member should have keeping their private life separate and company work separate. Also, everyone in the team have to take responsibility and be a lead and guide the team towards the finish line. That is the same kind of mentality and skill I need to use in my team.

Answer 2

A get-together is included collecting of people that have different learning, attributes, work styles and demeanours. Similarly, they all arrange to accomplish a shared objective in the social event. Each part brings their own one of a kind style, learning and aptitudes to the assignments that packs wear out. It is remarkable that gainful social events are generally included obviously gifted individuals that bend to organize in-demonstrate disdain for their ambiguities and working styles and put their work in endeavouring to accomplish same objective. On the off chance that we investigate disconnecting some principal livelihoods a social event has in a get-together, there is dependably individuals with underneath points of reference that work suitably in building and working in a get-together. A man that enables unmistakable individuals to take in more particularly this would be a senior-junior relationship and engages other to blossom with their insight are known as Shapers. These partners contribute just and moreover enable various individuals in the social occasion to reach up the wandering stool. By then there are different people who are for the most part called as Implementers, such individuals help for the most part with an absolute it air. These are the comprehensive network that completes things around the social affair.

Trade sorts of individuals are organizers, who ensure accumulate meets with the majority of the obligations. They are certain and make and have amazing listening aptitudes. They are crucial yet also can be overseeing on occasion. An individual who join the entire assembling and ensures individuals are working with one another and meeting the majority of the necessities are known as Team players. These individuals would do everything conceivable to ensure amass is teaming up in a useful situation to ensure assemble runs adequately. By then there are specialists who have centre information of social event and advances and attempt to satisfy the majority of the basics in the get-together to complete the movement.

A blend of these varying individuals by and large makes an effective social affair. I without a doubt fit more towards a pleasant individual kind of individuals who dependably ensures everybody is pushing toward accomplishing a tantamount objective and I can comparatively show association aptitudes sometimes.


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