Supply chain management using decision tree



  1. Identify the three      alternatives available to Appshop. 
  2. Develop a model to      help Appshop pick an alternative. 
  3. In your case      report, describe the three alternatives, the model and the analysis. 
  4. Provide a      recommendation and explain your choice based on risk and returns.

Please turn in a 3-6 page report using 1.5 line spacing, 12-point font, and one-inch margins. Include – 

• A clearly-written one-page executive summary using non-technical language to entice the reader to read the analysis section. The executive summary should include 

§ a brief description of the problem, the context and the key trade-offs 

§ your recommendation

§ how the results of your sensitivity analysis tie into your recommendation (if relevant) 

• A thorough description of the analysis of the case (maximum of four pages), including appropriate references to supporting items in the appendix, and 

• An appendix containing any supporting charts, tables, figures, or equations

Some guidelines on what a great case report looks like:

A great case report

§ is based on a correct model

§ has a clear exec summary that includes the content described above

§ provides a clear synthesis of the analysis that goes beyond repeated case facts

§ explains the recommendation and also describes what the subsequent decisions are depending on how uncertainties are resolved. For example, 

o Recommendation: The firm should drill the test well.

o Subsequent decisions: If oil is not found in the test well the firm should not proceed with the main well.

§  all figures and tables are clearly referenced in the text, tables and graphs are well formatted and labeled to make it easy for the reader to understand them

§ is free of typos and grammatical errors 


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