STAT essay question 2

If you do not have a good understanding of STAT do not bid. 

I have attached the question in a word Doc, do not make your own document, just fill in the word Doc and insert all tables and charts. I have also attached a Excel sheet with the data you will use highlighted in yellow. Only use the one example given on the word Doc and the highlighted ones in yellow. The assignment needs to be completed by 12 noon on 9/29/2019 EST. 


Written Assignment # 2

1. Use Scenario from Written Assignment # 1

Family Income $97,000.00 

Marital Status Single

Family Size Three (3) 

Age Forty five (45)

2. If you have selected less than 4 representative subjects in your Written Assignment # 1, include additional appropriate subjects to bring the number of subjects in your analysis up to 4.

List the subjects being used in the analysis by Id number here.

1. ID# 2

2. ID# 6

3. ID# 16

4. ID# 21

3. Provide a Histogram, Dot plot and a Box and Whisker Plot of the Groceries (Food) variable for the subjects being used in your analysis. Comment on what you have gleaned from reviewing the graphs with respect to recommending a Grocery budget for you client.

Include comments addressing the graphs here. Paste graphs, using the snipping tool, at the end of this attachment.

4. For the subjects being used in your analysis fill in the below table.



Variable Numerical value




Q1, Q3

5. Calculate a Confidence Interval, 90% and 95%, for the subjects being used in the analysis.

90% __________________ _________________

95% __________________ _________________

6. Based upon your analysis: What budgetary number are you recommending for your client?

Why (Short explanation)?

 Based upon your analysis: What range of values do you believe is appropriate for the budgetary number you are recommending.

Why (Short explanation)?


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