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Factors Influencing Student Information Literacy

The article’s main idea was to conduct research on high school students that transition into their first year of high school and have poor information skills that’s required for the first year of high school. “Research was conducted with 19 librarians at 19 different school” (Verlejs 2014). Analysis was also conducted on the schools that librarians and teachers had high communication levels. For the school that showed librarians and teachers had high communication levels that were the schools where students were successful in their 1st year of college. 


 For the schools that showed low communication levels between librarians and teachers, that’s the schools whose students had trouble transitioning in their 1st year of college. Relationships between librarians and teachers are highly recommended due to teachers and librarians can work together on curriculums to make sure students are getting what they need to be successful in college. Programs will be implemented on schools and later in the future, another analysis will be conducted to see if the results have increased or decreased.


Varlejs, J., Stec, E., & Kwon, H. (2014). Factors affecting students’ information literacy as they transition from high school to college. School Library Research, 17, 1-23. Retrieved from 


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