respond to 2 students


lake Robicheaux 

Leadership | Week 8 

1. It would make sense to think that if a leader could not manager their own behavior, then it is going to be tough for that leader to engage with others and motivate them to work and mind their own behavior as well. I believe that the saying is that you must walk the walk, and talk the talk. In my experience leadership certainly involves an inward and outward journey of self-reflection. This means that the leader puts serious thought into their own character, actions, and motives. A leader might be able to read, comprehend, and dictate how to influence a team without self-reflection, but the question is how far the team will go to manage their own behavior if their leadership does not live by his or her own rules for success. Can the leader be respected by the team? Can the leader motivate others to perform at their peak and not perform themselves?

There are many ways to train new leaders so that they can learn to reflect inward and promote that positive management of themselves outwardly: books, classes, and team-building exercises are examples that can be used. I would recommend personal development groups (PD groups) to develop self-awareness (Lennie, 2007) and train individuals to grow others within the organization to effectively manage their own behavior and teach others to do the same.

2. Mandy Charette 

Could a new leader “know” how to influence others if a person cannot manage one’s behavior?    I would have to say yes even though one can not necessarily manage one’s own behavior, you may learn different techniques in training that helps you learn how to teach others, than in turn you will begin to manage your own behavior as well. Moving others into action and inspiring others into action is a role that a leader needs to accomplish, to improve his employees skills and behavior.  The training that I would recommend would be a training on communiciation  for the leader themselves.  It is important that a leader learns how to have good communication skills so they can explain to the employees the companies visions, goals, expectations, and skills.  Learning communication skills for a leader also helps because it teaches you to understand what employees are trying to say which in turn helps you communicate better with them to get things done better.  


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