Project Close-Outs

Prepare a plan for the closing phase of the project life cycle and then analyze a specific project to determine the extent to which all elements of the plan were executed.    
Prepare a 5-7 page paper with the following titled sections:    
Introduction     

Overview of Project Select a project from your experience or from your research in the Library.
Describe the project.    
Project Closing Phase Plan Prepare and populate a table that follows the model of, and contains all column headings, row identifiers, and words listed in the second column. Expand the third column as required to contain the necessary text. Populate the table you create so that there are no blank cells. Embed the table you create and fully populate in accordance with these instructions in your document in the titled “Project Closing Phase Plan” section so that it is visible and readable without the reader referring to other files or manipulating or opening any embedded objects or links.    

Note: You must create the table using the Insert Table function in MS Word or by creating a table in Excel and moving it to your Word document. The below table is for instructional purposes only. It is not a template for you to modify or use in creating your paper. You may need to use the section break and landscape layout functions in MS Word to ensure your reader can clearly read all elements of your table.
Activity Area Numerical Identifier      Closing Phase Activity Area  Brief summary of actions that should have been taken in this area for this specific project  Estimated duration of time needed  Predecessor (Use Numerical Identifier)  

1 Procurements     
2 Quality     
3 Contracts     
4 Team member performance reviews      
5  Stakeholder communications     
6 Cost     
7 Lessons Learned           
8 Conclusion    
In each of the following titled sections, explain in detail what should have been done in this area for this specific project in the closing phase of the project life cycle: Procurements, Quality, Contracts, Team member performance reviews, Stakeholder communications, Cost, Lessons learned.
Analyze and discuss the extent to which these actions were taken.
Discuss the impact on stakeholders if the actions were not taken.

Criteria    
The content of the paper must be 5-7 pages in length, not including the cover page and list of references. 
The Assignment should have a minimum of four academically credible sources from outside of the course materials.
Your sources should be follow proper APA format. Review the APA formats found in the Writing Center.  
Review the Rubric below to ensure all points have been captured in the Assignment.


1) Title: Business Ethics Edition: 1st (2009) Author: Andrew C. Wicks R. Edward Freeman Patricia H. Werhane Kristen E. Martin Publisher: Peason Book ISBN: 9780131427921 Ebook ISBN:


2) Title: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge: PMBOK (R) GUIDE Edition: 5th (2013) Author: Project Management Institute Publisher: PMI Book ISBN: 978-1-935589-67-9 Ebook ISBN:

Please see the rubric attached for further information.


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