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 Respond  by providing feedback on each  colleague’s therapeutic approach based on a narrative family  therapeutic perspective. Support your feedback with evidence-based  literature and/or your own experiences with clients.

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A married couple in their fifties husband and wife with no children who have been married for longer than 20 years ,the husband has recovered from alcoholism  and has relapsed twice over a significant period of time and then relapsed again so currently he has 27 days sober ,he is very angry that he was not able to maintain his sobriety ,but he demonstrate concern that at this point in time he does maintain a so he is working hard. Coming to this current family session and that .I’m discussing but I have also seen some time in a  group  session with  other people who are recovering from alcohol ,drugs use .He speaks this 1st wife in these other sessions as though and does not understand what he is going through and that she is  always asking  him What about me?, What about my Any?, What are you going to do about that Why  are you spending time talking to these, other people and anyway that is his presentation of her at this meeting .  

I met his wife 1st time at this meeting and she initially explained that she  did not know about alcoholism  from 10 years of their marriage .I have not yet been able to discussion how that was that he managed to keep it from her for 10 years but how that she knows about it she state that she is more than willing to try to help him, she wants to listen to him and she state that he does not talk to her at all he has currently undergone some type of the accident that caused him some physical damage through he is unable to work so he is unemployment and he has whole her during the day and he does not particularly show any great interest and discussing cry of this needs with her, he actually state that it is easier for that he just reminds me what about the subject and discusses it with the other people in groups that he think understands him more, so what I looking at today in that type of therapy which is an understanding that the people have problems  and they are sometimes resistant on having on new problem  sand they are sometimes determining how they are going to act about their problems as focus. What the couple communication is a big factor in expressing what their need and desires are and explain one to the other what they need from each of the trust in wife has expressed such as lack of trust in her husband that it is very difficult from her not to think that he is going to be just healthy lined to her about crying that it shows the other concerned that it shows  me some medication for depression and now truck how to decrease his. Drinking and the no truck has helped him but there are some side effects such as causing an increased economic depression .I have recommended that he discuss his medication that he is currently taking with the primary care provider or his p[psychiatric to see if they confirmed  a resolution to that. 


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