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                                      THIS IS A DISCUSSION POST


  • Research various aggregators
  • Compare aggregators side by side to find the best company to work with for your project
  • Promote reasoning behind support of chosen aggregation companies


This discussion will help you determine which aggregator you will suggest for your client’s project.


The work conducted to create this first post MUST be done independently. Though the research will eventually contribute to group work within the Course Project for teams, this post must be your own unique work different from teammates. Conduct all of your research and creation of this post individually. After posted, then the opportunity to discuss each other’s findings within this discussion will be made available for one another.

  1. Review the aggregators. After researching several aggregators, pick the aggregator that you feel will best work for online distribution of the product (film, app, or game) that you have chosen for your course project this month (starting with Discussion 1). For instance, if your product is a Mobile Application, utilize this assignment to compare Apple’s App Store vs Android’s Play Store  vs Amazon’s App Store and subsequently why you chose one or two or all three. Or if it’s a video game, research Steam as well as other competing game aggregators to discover if Steam is the best choice or that a better alternative has been discovered.
  2. Research. Thoroughly research the  business model, policies, procedures, and the pros and cons of each aggregator against one another one other company for comparison in your discussion. Think critically when analyzing the information.  Why would this aggregator be the best choice over others for helping with online distribution for your product?  Make sure to mention how you compared and analyzed one aggregator against another and include a reference for all of the places you found your research on these aggregators.
  3. Analyze through Comparison. Once completed, write your analysis of why you chose this aggregator over others. The first paragraph should introduce the product and the aggregator  you chose to handle the distribution.

    For the rest of this comparison paper, break down your comparative analysis of your selected aggregator compared to at least one other aggregator using each of the following questions as your basis for analysis. Make sure to weave the answers in a narrative format using APA simplified guidelines. Individual bullet-point answers will not be accepted. Write your submission as if the reader has never seen the questions:

    Are there specific criteria the content creator must meet before the aggregator will work with them or will they distribute anyone’s product?

    What rights will they require? What rights can you keep for self-distribution?

    What are the services the aggregator offers an independent content creator?

    Are there any fees for setting up an account with them?

    Who sets the price on your product?

    What is the revenue split between the aggregator and the content creator?

    What are the reasons why you found this aggregator helpful or interesting to make you want to work with them over the others?

    Make sure to include comparative analysis of each aggregator against one another for each of these questions. Include a reference for all of the places you found research on these aggregators.

    Much of your research can be obtained by visiting the website for the company. Try looking at the bottom of the website under Company Info or in the FAQs. You may also want to call the company and ask them directly, or register with the company to get access to more information about the services they provide.  Also try a Google search to see what comes up about them.


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