Paper needs to be 5-7 pages long (two theoretical perspectives) CRJ

Pick two theoretical perspectives we have learned in the class this semester. One must be a micro level theory, and one must be a macro level theory.

Write a paper in APA format, making sure to include the following information:

  • Discuss the key concepts of the theoretical perspectives.
  • Compare the two, what makes them different?
  • Discuss how you could integrate the two theoretical perspectives chosen.  Is it possible? What difficulties would you face in doing so?
  • Finally, apply your integrated theory to a crime policy in existence in the United States.

paper needs to be 5-7 pages long in 12-point, Times New Roman font, double-spaced. (This does not include the reference list.)

You must cite and reference at least FIVE high-quality, academic sources to support your arguments. A high-quality academic source is one that has been peer-reviewed in a credible academic journal. You may use newspaper articles to support your arguments, and you are encouraged to do so if it is relevant to your topics, but they will not count towards your five academic sources. Make sure that any newspapers you cite are credible sources with a high level of journalistic integrity.

Make sure to format your paper in APA format.

You will be graded on clarity of thought, completeness, quality of writing, grammar, and APA formatting.


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