Organizational Behavior/Business Management Due tonight 10pm EST. Homework assignment. Respond to THREE discussion post by fellow classmates


Homework assignment. Respond to THREE discussion post by fellow classmates.  All responses to your classmates must have support from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS. This means any and all opinions, facts or conclusions must show support from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS. APA in text citations, reference list and sound writing mechanics are required. Responses to initial postings should be specific and assess whether posting accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic.  Assessments should be explained as to why the information is or is not correct and/or complete, providing correct information to enhance the discussion. Incorporating relevant research from course content or external sources strengthens all postings.

******My homework is to provide a response to this student discussion post, Response must have in text citations AND references from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS****** 

1.Samantha Banks Student Post: Many Organizations goal is to be the leader amount those in the same industry. In a time where factors such as inflationary pressures, recession, and more competition can stop a company from reaching this goal the race to find strategies that can provide competitive advantages is important. The implementation of one such strategy as Information systems can allow a company to utilize its data to reduce its workload and ensure that all mandatory regulations are followed. The implementation of information systems can simplify business processes and reduce unnecessary activities. This strategy can eliminate tasks that are unnecessary and increase accuracy, allowing employees to concentrate on high-level functions more. Information systems can also help to better project planning, monitoring, and comparison against established criteria. Companies such as Netflix utilize these strategies. Netflix uses this to look at its “customer behavior and buying patterns. The movie- recommendation “engine” called Cinematch that’s based on proprietary, algorithmically driven software is a strategy used by this company. Netflix hired mathematicians with programming experience to write the algorithms and code to define clusters of movies, connect customer movie rankings to the clusters, evaluate thousands of ratings per second, and factor in current website behavior— all to ensure a personalized web page for each visiting customer”(How Netflix Uses Analytics to Thrive, December 08, 2017).

*****My homework is to provide a response to this student discussion post, Response must have in text citations AND references from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS ******

2.Logan Holland Student Post: Before going into detail about strategic plans for information system input. The term information systems must first be explained. Information systems are combinations of hardware, software and telecommunications networks, that people build and collect to filter, process, create, and distribute data. There are two major ways of describing information systems.” The components that make up an information system and the role that those components play in an organization. “(Bourgeois, 2014.) The information systems used in the business world is very broad. A few of these examples would be Customer Relationship Management systems which are designed to synchronize sales and marketing efforts. This is huge for retail companies because it allows customers to provide feedback as well as interact. Business Intelligence systems may provide departments to break data to analyze sale patterns. Knowledge management systems are also a great way for companies to organize and dissect knowledge and then redistribute or share it with individuals of an organization. The agency I will be focusing on that strategically uses information systems is The United States Department of Justice. This defense agency strategically uses a multiple national crime information systems. For example CJIS (Crime Justice Information Systems manages and operates several National Crime Information Systems used by the public safety community for both criminal and civil purposes. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC is holds a criminal database allowing criminal justice agencies to enter detailed information about missing persons, stolen property, and other criminal history. Other companies can use the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) when going through the hiring process for employees. The systems are heavily monitored and encrypted so only verified access is available. “NCIC has had many recent accomplishments using this information system Set a new single day record on July 28, 2016, by processing 17,492,427 NCIC transactions;

Implemented the Violent Person File to provide law enforcement officers with a warning if they approach an encountered individual who has the propensity to be violent toward law enforcement;

Implemented the NICS Denied Transaction File which contains records on individuals who have been determined to be prohibited persons according to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 and were denied as a result of a NICS background check.” NCIC). (2016).

*****My homework is to provide a response to this student discussion post, Response must have in text citations AND references from relevant websites, NO JOURNALS AND NO SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS ******

3.Sherita Vasall Student Post: IT plays a significant role in providing value for a business as well as supports the transformation of an organization. To attain this, chief information officers are significant members in delivering and developing solutions for an organization. The goal is to make the business cutthroat by aligning IT strategies with business strategy. Seeing that decision-making is an essential duty that different levels of management perform, information assists the managers make decisions with the most significant outcome of any information system. Information, which is relevant for the managers in assisting in directing, organizing, controlling, and planning activity, is the secondary aim of any MIS.

Normally, information system is not dynamic enough to change itself to a level that it could handle changing necessities from users. Hence, IS are planned to cater for every eventuality considering the kind of information. Management may need diverse combination and types of information, which is factored in the planning process. The system is planned in a manner, which it can handle potential new necessities of information from managers.

Apple is among the leading IT organizations worldwide and maintains the status of premier goods for their price and performance. Apple produces their products, which relate to IT covering a significant range of the individual computers, which are fashioned for professional and individual use. Furthermore, Apple also creates the gadgets including iPads, iPods, as well as communication devices, which also covers mobile phones.

The business’ mission statements as well as its vision statement are bases for the business’ success as one of the most valuable organization worldwide (Panmore, 2019). In this regard, Apple has been following Porter’s generic strategies in order to obtain the market status as one of the leading IT Company.

The business strategy of the company is very important in planning for information systems. The information systems plan is drawn up in a way that it supports the strategic objectives of the organization even in the near future. It is for this reason that the strategic role of information system has to be clearly defined in the planning processes itself.

All organizations rely on different reasons to drive their operations, and the better they do that, the higher they perform. It is for that reason that large firms implement MIS (Management Information System). Kornkaew (2012) feels that the managers of these companies think that these technologies can help them improve their decision-making, as well as foster proper planning and monitoring of the company operations to foster the attainment of its goals. Bakens (2010) adds that management information systems create a convenient working environment for project managers, allowing them to handle several activities at the same time.

Although MIS is designed to improve the overall performance of organizations through improved decision-making, it fails to yield such results in some cases (Liebowitz, 2001). The best explanation for such an outcome is that the successful implementation of MIS is dependent on other factors, and studies have shown that Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is one of them. In the views of the Future of Life Institute’s president, Tegmark Max, every concept of civilization that the world loves is a result of intelligence. He adds that boosting the human intellect with AS can amplify civilization as long as the technology is kept beneficial (Future of Life Institute, n.d.). Tegmark’s reviews show that AI can affect the implementation and performance of MIS and boost the involvement of project managers in using them.

AI poses both benefits and risks, meaning that the technologies linked to it expose the users to these factors. It is for that reason that it affects the implementation of MIS in both capacities. However, it can only yield the benefits if used in the manner described by Tegmark. In some cases, the organizations that use AI fail to reap its rewards because their managers have little to no understanding of AI is affected or affects the operations of the company.

ITI (2017) argues that AI is primarily designed to empower people and improve their productivity. It holds that AI learns, reasons, adapts, and execute tasks in a similar manner to that of a human mind. The evidence for this verdict is that several technology companies and startup have already developed systems that help them use AI in solving some of the problems facing the society. At the organizational level, the use of AI impacts several technologies like the MIS. Even though past studies have demonstrated that the use of AI could lead to poor decision-making even if used to improve that, this research holds that project manager can harness the benefits of AI if they use it correctly.

Part of the study of how AI influences MIS will try to help managers understand how they use AI in improving their decision-making when running various projects. Discussing the benefits and drawbacks of AI in management presents managers with a range of insights that they use in determining how they can reap the rewards of AI (MALESZAK & ZASKÓRSKI, 2015). The first hypothesis of this research holds that the deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Data Collection Processes will improve the data integrity in the management information system. The second one argues that the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Data Management Processes will enhance the decision making processes. A review of the link between AI and MIS will help test these hypotheses.


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