Operations Management homework help

Homework #1
1. Describe the Six Sigma methodology to someone who has not heard of it.
2. What are the benefits of implementing the Six Sigma methodology?
3. Describe what it takes to become a green belt.
4. What does a person need to do to become a black belt?
5. Describe the difference between a black belt and a master black belt?
6. How does the six sigma methodology compare with the continuous improvement
7. Which of Dr. Deming’s 14 points do you find the most interesting? Why?
8. What are the differences between DPO and DPU?
9. How to calculate RTY?
10. A local bank is keeping track of the different reasons people phone the bank.
Those answering the phones place a mark on their check sheet in the rows most
representative of the customers’ questions. Given the following check sheet, make
a Pareto diagram (using Excel or Word):
Credit card payment questions 245
Transfer call to another department 145
Balance questions 377
Payment receipt questions 57
Finance charge questions 30
Other 341
Comment on what you would do about the high number of calls in the “Other”


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