Office of the Inspector General


According to their website, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG)  is “dedicated to combating fraud, waste, and abuse and to improving the  efficiency of Health and Human Services (HHS) programs.” OIG has  developed a series of voluntary compliance program guidance documents  directed at various segments of the health care industry, such as  hospitals, nursing homes, third-party billers, and durable medical  equipment suppliers, to encourage the development and use of internal  controls to monitor adherence to applicable statutes, regulations, and  program requirements.

The CEO of your organization has asked you to conduct research on  the OIG compliance plan specific to the type of healthcare organization  that you are employed (for example, hospital or nursing home). Based on  your research, identify at least three areas identified in the OIG  compliance plan that will most impact your type of organization and  explain how you would leverage the documentation provided in OIG  compliance plan to institute change in your organization.


Criteria!! Please Meet!!

Identify type of healthcare organization 

Identify 3 areas in the OIG compliance plan that would MOST impact this type of organization.

Explain how  you would use the OIG compliance plan information to institute change in  your organization. (ID the change needed and explain how you would  roll-out a process to initiate that change.)

Grammar, Format, Spelling, etc. Professional appearance, etc.


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