Nursing homework help

Develop a scholarly paper that includes the following:

  1. Choose one professional nursing organization of interest —-ANA (American Nurses Association)
  2. Discuss the mission of the organization.
  3. Select one nursing issue listed on the organization’s website.
  4. Explain the issue you chose and how it supports the mission of the organization.
  5. Discuss what impact the issue has on professional nursing practice.
  6. The scholarly paper should be in third person, narrative format, 2 to 3 pages excluding the title and reference pages.
  7. Include an introductory paragraph (not labeled Introduction) and a conclusion.
  8. Include Level I headings to organize the paper (see below).
  9. References must include, at a minimum, the textbook, the professional nursing organization’s website, and a minimum of one peer-reviewed scholarly journal article no greater than five (5) years old.
  10. APA (7th) Student Paper format is required (title page, a reference page, and all citations). Also, attention to spelling, grammar, and style. Do not use quotations.
  11. Review your Turnitin Similarity Score and make any needed changes. If the score is greater than 20%, you must revise and resubmit the paper prior to the due date.

Title of Paper
(Note: Here you will write your introductory paragraph but do not label it as Introduction)
Mission of the Nursing Organization
Nursing Issue
Impact of Nursing Issue on Professional Nursing Practice


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