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LITERATURE AND RELEVANCE: Consistently post information related to the assigned content utilizing adequate Evidence Based Practice guidelines and relevant Literature Weight
APPLICATION OF KNOWLEDGE: Post information in logical, meaningful, and understandable sequence, clearly relevant to the discussion topic.
CONTRIBUTION AND REPLIES: Aware of online learning. Provides active participation in the discussion demonstrating engagement with the content. Replied to the original post including one classmate.All Faculty questions were answered.
ORGANIZATION: Post presents information in logical, meaningful,and understandable sequence, clearly relevant to the discussion topic.
APA FORMATTING: Consistently uses grammatically correct posts with no misspellings. APA 6th format and recent references included.
Week 1:
Review the prevalence, mortality, and morbidity associated with breast cancer. This is a topic of extreme public and personal interest. Primary care providers deal with the diagnosis and the screening of breast cancer daily. Therefore, in this discussion, we will discuss the importance of understanding the advantages and limitations of its screening.
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