new discussion board and interview

 Discussion board

Thread: Using the information from this module/weeks readings from Warrens book The Purpose Driven Church and Dr. Faullss presentations The Power of Belief and Persevering Visionary Leadership, write a thread evaluating the importance of faith and courage in leading and building great organizations. Reference the Saddleback Story; and then, share challenges that you, or someone you know, has experienced in advancing visionary leadership.


You must interview a visionary leader of a church, institution, or business. The choice of leader must be relevant to your intended occupational field. The leaders understanding of his/her organizations mission and his/her vision for fulfilling that mission must be clearly defined. You are to uncover how the leader initiates strategic planning.

The interview may be conducted in person, over the phone, via Skype, or via FaceTime. It must not be conducted through simply having a leader answer questions by email. The assignment is meant to place you in an experience of interaction with a visionary leader.

After conducting the interview, write a 900  to 1,500-word (double-spaced) paper. The paper will consist of 2 parts. The first section will detail 3-4 significant lessons gleaned from the interview. In the second section, analyze what you have learned from this leader and make application of principles to your own present or future leadership.

The paper must comply with current Turabian writing style or the style guide that is applicable to your area of study. If using current Turabian style, use footnotes if citations are needed. Follow the criteria in the grading rubric for writing the paper.


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