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Effective leaders both develop and empower individuals and teams within an organization. In order to understand how effective leadership integrates development and empowerment, it is valuable to understand the similarities and differences in development and empowerment. Additionally, it is helpful to consider types of leadership authority that will empower others.

For this Assignment, you will utilize PowerPoint to create a 10- to 12-slide presentation that could be shared with others in a workplace, school, place of worship, or volunteer organization. The topic of your presentation is: Best Practices for Developing and Empowering Others.

To prepare for this presentation:

·  Pretend that you have been tasked with informing your colleagues of best practices for developing and empowering others.

·  Decide whom you will be training. Select an audience for your presentation (i.e., your workplace, school, place of worship, or volunteer organization) so you can make appropriate recommendations in your presentation.

·  Bring to mind some examples of development and empowerment.

·  Think of how development and empowerment are similar and different. Consider creating a Venn diagram to help you organize your thoughts as you compare and contrast the concepts of development and empowerment.

·  Review the assigned pages from Chapter 8 in your course text. Pay particular attention to the two views of leadership authority: servant leadership and participative leadership.

·  Select a view of leadership authority you think would be most likely to empower others in your chosen setting.

·  Review Chapter 9 in your course text. Focus on Table 9–3, Practical Tips for Developing a High-Performance Workplace.

·  Review Chapter 10 in your course text. Pay particular attention to the practical leadership tips presented.

·  Review Chapter 16 in your course text, focusing on developing leaders.


The presentation: Structure your presentation to address the following in 10–12 slides:

·  Include a title slide (Best Practices for Developing and Empowering Others), audience (who you are training), your name, and the date.

·  Define development and empowerment for your audience.

·  Briefly explain two ways in which development and empowerment are similar and two ways in which they differ from one another.

·  Provide one specific example of each similarity and difference as it relates to the setting of your choice (i.e., your workplace, school, place of worship, or volunteer setting).

·  Next, select a view of leadership authority that would most likely empower others. Explain how and why this style of leadership will be of benefit to people in this setting.

·  In your own words, present five practical suggestions as to how to develop a high-morale, high-performance team. Refer to Practical Tips for Developing a High-Performance Workplace found in Table 9-3 and the practical leadership tips discussed in Chapter 10.

·  Be sure your presentation is audience-appropriate, professional, and follows best practices for presentations.

·  Your final slide should contain a list of the references you utilized to create this presentation.


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