my Self Introduction

Please write four paragraphs in Microsoft Word to introduce yourself. Please use instructions for MLA style:

1. Double space entire document (remove extra spaces) – Indent paragraphs. Font style is Times New Roman 12. 

2. Add your last name and page number in the header aligned right.

3.  Heading at left margin (starting on line one):

Your First and Last name

Comp 100

Date (using European style – day month year with no punctuation 7 July 2018). 

4. Center the title (Introduction to …..  [insert your first and last name]).  

3. Write a minimum 300 words. Save file;

4. Print file from Word

5. Upload into Canvas (Press control A to select the entire document; Press control C to copy document; Go the work area in canvas for the assignment and press Control V to paste document (last name in header will not paste).  Be sure you have indented the paragraphs. 


Paragraph 1: Name and basic personal information (family info, high (or previous) school, etc.

Paragraph 2: Your reasons for taking this course. Please include your computer experience in this paragraph.

Paragraph 3: Your career goals (both temporary and long term). Include your work experience in this paragraph.

Paragraph 4: What do you expect to gain from this course? Be specific.


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