Managerial Finance – Problem set from the Attached, Each Answer should be up to one page in length (2 or 3 paragraphs) and include a supporting example, in APA Format with at least 3 references and quotes, No Plaigarism


Part 1: 


Calculate the NPV for the following capital budgeting proposal: $100,000 initial cost for equipment, straight-line depreciation over 5 years to a zero book value, $5,000 pre-tax salvage value of equipment, 35% tax rate, $45,000 additional annual revenues, $15,000 additional annual cash expenses, $8,000 initial investment in working capital to be recouped at project end, and a cost of capital of 11%. Should the project be accepted or rejected? (Show your work computing the NPV.)


Part 2: Essay  

Explain why bond prices fluctuate in response to changing interest rates. What adverse effect might occur if bond prices remain fixed prior to their maturity?


Part 3:  

 A stock offers an expected dividend of $3.50, has a required return of 14%, and has historically exhibited a growth rate of 6%. Its current price is $35.00 and shows no tendency to change. How can you explain this price based on the constant-growth dividend discount model?


Part 4:  

Calculate the expected rate of return for the following portfolio, based on a Treasury bill yield of 4% and an expected market return of 13%: (Show your work)



Part 5: Essay 

Discuss the capital asset pricing model in general, the CAPM method of determining expected returns, and how the SML can be used to help predict the movement of a stock’s price.


Part 6: Essay 

Contrast the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Standard and Poor’s Composite Index.



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