IT SQL work

 Assignment Details

Review the following tutorials:

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial – Part 1

Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Tutorial – Part 2

Tutorial for Visio 2016

Shape basics: resize, format, move and add text to shapes (Visio Tutorial)

Part 1 (80 points)

Deliverable length: Word document containing 1NF – 3NF diagrams and explanation of steps in the process

Use the Internet to locate one web-based form that contains user interaction. The form must contain at least 8 areas for data entry such as text boxes, list boxes, radio buttons etc. The from must not be password protected as it must be accessible by your instructor.

See an example below:

  1. Take one screen shot and paste the form into a Word document. Save the document as yourlastname IP2 Form (Example: DoeIP2 Form.docx). The screen shot must show the URL for form.
  2. Using the web-based form as your initial table(s), create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) that includes all of the items on the form. You may use Word, PowerPoint, or Visio to complete this diagram.
    • Name the entity appropriately based on the Web page where you obtained the screen shot and list the attributes (form items). 
    • Create at least 2 entities related with the initial form entity.
    • Using your initial entity, now follow normalization rules to 3NF
    • Explain the steps and changes you made to your diagram to bring it to 3NF

Part 2 (20 points)

Deliverable length: Word document containing screenshot of SQL Server Management Studio with AdventureWorks database attached.

Now that you have installed and configured SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio in your Unit 1 DB, you must create the database that you will use in future assignments.

  1. Create a folder on your hard drive, off the root of C:/ called “ITCO231”
  2. Click here to download the AdventureWorks database script (.sql) file. Save the file to the ITCO231 folder you created. 
  3. You must have SQL Server Management Studio installed to load the database. If you have not yet installed SQL Server Management Studio, go back to Unit 1 Discussion Board, Part 1 and complete the installation.
  4. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in. 
  5. Go to Windows Explorer and open your ITCO231 folder. Double-click on the AdventureWorksLT2012.sql file that you downloaded into the folder. The file should open in SQL Server Management Studio. 
  6. Click Execute to run the script file in SQL Server Management Studio.
  7. IN SQL Server Management Studio, in the Object Explorer, right click on Databases and select Refresh. Your new AdventureWorksLT2012 database should now appear in the list. 
  8. Expand the Object Explorer window so that you can see the entire server name and expand Databases so it shows the AdventureWorksLT2012 database. It should be similar to the below diagram but with your version and system information.

9. Take a screenshot of the entire SQL Server Management Studio window, showing all open panes and toolbars. Paste the screenshot into your Word document with the Part 1 diagrams and explanation.


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