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Pick an issue and write a Pro-Con-My Opinion Paper on the topic – focus your paper on Texas. The goal is for you to see all sides of an issue, explain all sides, and then ultimately reach a conclusion / your opinion. For example, if you are writing about legalization of marijuana in Texas, the body of your paper would be:

· Introduction – overview of what you are going to discuss and the question you are presenting (Should Texas legalize marijuana?).

· A section on why Texas should legalize marijuana backed up with research.

· A section on why Texas should not legalize marijuana backed up with research.

· A section on your opinion based on your research.

· Conclusion.

You may choose your own topic and ask your own question. Let me know if you want assistance. Some example themes you may choose from and then form a question about are below:

· Should Texas build a border wall along its southern border?

· Should Texas have sanctuary cities?

· Should Texas abolish the death penalty?

· Should Texas keep the death penalty?

· Should the law of parties apply in death penalty cases?

· Is XXXX defendant on Texas death row really innocent or guilty?

· Should XXXX defendant on Texas death row received the death penalty?


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