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Target’s vendor, Fazio Mechanical Services experienced a massive damage when its systems faced a cyber attack from hackers. The attack occurred when one of the employees opened a malicious email that granted the hackers with access to the system. As a result, Fazio’s passwords were stolen as well as 40 million credit accounts. In addition to this, 70 million of customers’ addresses were also stolen. One element to note is that Target had established security measures to deal with incidences like this. Unfortunately, the security team had switched off the function that could delete a malware once detected. Moreover, Target had received warnings before the attack from the security team in India. However, no effort was put in place to heed to the warnings. 

There are several measures a company is supposed to take after a cyber attack, especially when critical information has been stolen. On its part, Target decided not to close its stores as the investigation progressed. All this was done to eliminate any disruptions in the company’s operations. On the other hand, a company is supposed to post announcements about an attack to inform customers about the security threat faced. However, Target took one week to post an announcement on its official website. In addition to this, the announcement did not provide all information about the attack. Because of this, Target had to post a second announcement to clarify on the information stolen during the cyber attack. 

A company should be swift in communicating with customers in case of a cyber attack. Effective communication enables customers to take security measures such as changing the pins to their payments account. If this had been done earlier, Target would have eliminated unnecessary loss and damage. Overall, the increasing rate of cyber attacks in companies requires companies to establish security measures to wade off and deal with attacks. Frequent security checks should also be conducted to be able to detect threats and handle them. 


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