Fun science assignment

For this assignment you will need your lucky charm. If you do not have an official lucky charm, pick something (a coin, piece of jewelry, or some object) that you associate with a good memory. You will be testing to see if your object truly brings you better fortune.

With your lucky charm by your side, go to and select 1 die.  Also select your favorite number from one to six and write it in the blank below. Now roll the die 100 times.  You can check off the rolls on the following worksheet. Keep track of how many times your number comes up.  

Alternative to the website

You can also do this with a regular die you have at home.  Do the same procedure and just roll a single die. 

Luck Charm worksheet link:

When finished, answer the questions listed below

1. State the hypothesis for this experiment. 

2. On the basis of this test, is your charm lucky?

3. What are the sources of error for this experiment? 

4. If your charm came out “lucky” what other evidence would be required to prove your object had an effect on the roll of the dice, in other words, what could you do to make these experimental results more valid (even if it was shown to have no effect)? 

5. If your data (or someone else’s) was significant, does this “prove” that their charm is lucky? Why or why not.

6. What three errors in logic result in people thinking objects are “lucky”?

7. Belief in lucky charms is related to superstitions and superstitious behavior.  In other words, if you believe in one superstition, you frequently believe in others. 

Post any superstitions you have and why (just for fun and only if you want to.)


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