Framing Research and Methodological Alignment

Go to the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global Database

Under Publication Date, choose “Last 2 Years.”  Scroll down to the field labeled University/Institution, and enter “Colorado Technical University” Click on “Dissertations under “Manuscript Type. Then, click the Search button and scroll through recent CTU dissertations. Select and download a dissertation that used either a qualitative or quantitative method.

Go to Chapter 3 of the dissertation manuscript selected, and read the author’s rationale for choice of method and research design. 

Write a 5-paragraph essay to critique the rationale the author provided for the research method choice and specific research design or approach used to address these questions:

1. Does the author make a clear argument or justification for the choice of research method for the dissertation study?  

2. How could this justification have been strengthened?  

3. Does the author cite relevant scholarly research guides to support the research method used for the study?  

4. How could this support have been strengthened?  

5. Does the author provide a clear rationale for the appropriate method choice as aligned with the degree program area or area of concentration? 

6. How could this justification have been strengthened?

Remember, a 5-paragraph essay includes a coherent introduction to introduce the dissertation as the focus of the critique, and the conclusion paragraph restates the essay’s main points and takeaway message. Be sure to cite relevant sources to support the claims made in your critique throughout your essay.


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