Environmental Management/Environmental Management System Plan


Addresses Outcome #1 

  • Develop and implement management plans that incorporate scientific principles and that comply with environmental laws and ethical principles in a team environment 

Environmental Management plans should always be integrative, and often are centered on an environmental management system (EMS).


The Overseas Private Investment Corporation shared the key elements of EMS here: https://www3.opic.gov/environment/eia/greenfields/Chapter%2010%20-%20Environmental%20Management%20Plan.pdf

To creatively determine how well you understand the essence of EMS, please provide your assessment of the following elements in an environmental management plan for your home or work, including both building and grounds:

  • Assessing environmental effects (environmental aspects)
  • -Compliance with laws / regulations (legal and other requirements) – please include a qualitative 2×2 risk assessment as part of this section
  • -Setting environmental objectives and targets
  • -Environmental management program(s)
  • -Structure and responsibility
  • -Training, awareness and competence

Each of the key elements above is worth 10 points for a total of 60 points. Please remember that you only need to provide aspects that are relevant to your home or work! For example, you do not need stack monitoring or effluent monitoring programs for your home!

The other criteria, each worth 10 points, are:

  • Clear introduction to your home or work so we have a good overview of location, size, and neighborhood of both building and grounds.
  • Clear format with subtopics under each key element as appropriate.
  • Clear and concise writing with topic sentence followed by supporting statements.
  • List of appropriate references in APA format, cited as needed.

The length of the Environmental Management Plan can be flexible given the variety of work and home situations we might find. I am hoping you can write a plan within 3000 words. 

See the grading rubric for this project for more specific details on each of the grading criteria.


Criteria  & Work expectation


– Introduction to ENMT Plan for your home or work (10 points possible)

Clear introduction to your home or   work so we have a good overview of location, size, and surroundings of both   building and grounds.


– Reporting format and overall clarity (10 points possible)

Clear reporting format with relevant   subtopics and key elements.


– Clear and concise writing for entire report (10 points possible)

Overall clear and concise writing with   topic sentences followed by supporting statements.


– Appropriate assessments (10 points possible)

Incorporate appropriate assessments in   the areas of air emissions, water intake and discharge, waste   characterization and inventory, noise, and consumption of chemicals, energy,   and other raw materials in a clear and concise manner.


– Applicable laws, regulations, and risks (10 points possible)

Clarity on applicable laws/regulations   including a qualitative 2×2 risk assessment


– Setting environmental objectives and targets (10 points possible)

Provide clear environmental objectives   and targets in context with your situation


– Environmental management programs (10 points possible)

Environmental management programs   clearly described as applicable. They   should include solid waste management program (both hazardous and   non-hazardous) and emergency response procedures at the minimum but can   include other programs as applicable


– Structure and responsibility (10 points possible)

Structure and responsibility clearly   provided for your home or work with all people affected


– Training, awareness and competence (10 points possible)

Training, awareness and competence   clearly outlined for your home or work in a context with the rest of your   plan. Items that should be included is the training program for incident   reporting, environmental protection, and site hazards.


– References and citations (10 points possible)

– List of appropriate references in APA   format, cited as needed.


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