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After reading Chapter one, answer the following questions in complete sentences. Be sure to include your questions with your responses. You can also use the power point for chapter one provided in the announcement to assist with answering these questions along with your textbook. YOU MUST ALSO INCLUDE YOUR QUESTIONS WITH YOUR ANSWERS.
1. What characteristics are necessary for an environment to be considered a natural environment?
2. Exactly how is person-first terminology different from usual terminology when describing children with disabilities? Ask for examples of person-first terminology, and discuss the reason that each example is or is not appropriate.
3. Why is there considered to have been a major shift in service delivery over the last couple of decades? Review the laws that have contributed to this shift.
4. Discuss what inclusion and a culturally unbiased curriculum might have in common.
5. Review the NAEYC and DEC standards. Discuss their importance to the field of early childhood education.
6. Review what is meant by evidence-based practices and research-based strategies.
7. Review the Policy Statement on Inclusion of Children with Disabilities in Early Childhood Programs, which can be found at (Links to an external site.). Explain both the scientific base for the benefits of inclusion and the legal foundation for inclusion.


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