DUE IN 7HOURS!!! – Force Field Analysis



Select an issue that has been a concern or problem for students on your campus or employees at your work site and develop a force-field analysis of the situation, suggestion a possible change solution. 

As an example, this could be an issue concerning classes, enrollment, health, safety, management style of the organization, or dealing with coworkers. The main requirements are that this should be an issue that is important to you, and be one that has been raised before, but never adequately resolved.


Write a 200-250 word paper addressing the following questions:

1. What is the current situation? Why is it a problem?

2. What is your ideal situation, that is, what would you like things to be like?

3. What are the forces for change, that is, what forces could lead to your ideal situation?

4. What are the forces against change, that is, the forces preventing change?

5. For the forces you listed in questions 3 and 4, EVALUATE each one in terms      of importance to this situation. RATE each force on a scale from 1-10, with a 10 rating for any force that is extremely strong, and a 1 rating for any force that is extremely weak.

6. For the situation you have selected, take the most important forces from Step      5, and construct a figure similar to Figure 14-2- see ATTACHED.

7. Looking at your figure, which side has the stronger forces? What does this suggest about the likelihood of change in this situation?

8. Suppose the forces against change are stronger than the forces for change. To change this situation, you need to either increase the forces for change, or decrease the forces against change. What specific recommendations would      you make that you or others could do to increase the likelihood that a positive change will occur in this situation? 


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