Discussion 1 (Acc 220)


Review the New Shoes Case (page 9) as well as the Operation Guide (page 39) in the New Shoes Student Manual. You should also take the New Simulations Case Quiz.

In this simulation you are making important decisions for your shoe company as it relates to the Marketing Mix. The product that you are selling can be considered a need as well as a want (shoe). It is important to understand your consumer’s needs, wants, as well as demands as you create the perfect marketing plan to sell your shoes.

Be sure to use appropriate grammar/spelling, and cite all sources in APA format. Initial posts are due by Wednesday of each week. At least two secondary posts to  colleagues is due by Sunday of that week. Posts should be distributed over three or four separate days. The initial post should be a minimum of 250 words. Secondary posts should be a minimum of 100 words. 

Discussion Prompt(s)

What strategy will you use to ensure that you can understand the needs of the consumer in the New Shoes case? Ensure that you apply the steps of the Marketing process in your response. In addition, address how you will plan for Marketing myopia when Marketing your shoes as well.

Discussion Resources


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