different characteristic of offenders nonplagarized and due within 5 hours 3 page


Online Campus graduate and have started a career with the Office of   Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, which is a part of the   Department of Justice. You are a juvenile justice expert, which fits   perfectly with your criminal justice degree. You have been assigned to   write a paper of 3–4 pages on the following two families and the   questions listed below: 

The Jukes family and the Kallikak family have been subjects of   studies pertaining to the nature versus nurture issue and crime.  Current  studies have been collected that show that juveniles who are  raised in  families where family members have been incarcerated have an  increased  likelihood of following the same path.

You can find information on these 2 families at the following Web   sites, but be sure to look at more than just these 2 Web sites: 

Are the characteristics of offenders, about which you have read in   your textbook and the professor has lectured, carried down through   families? These characteristics may include a propensity for violence, a   dishonest nature, and so on. Is it nature or nurture? Look at these   studies, and describe the characteristics. Try to explain both sides of   the issue (both nature and nurture) that bring out the characteristics   of people who are more likely to go to jail. 

Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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