For the project, you are to put together an audit plan for the company of your choosing. Obtain the latest financial statements for your company and use the most recent fiscal period as what your client would assert to you at the beginning of the audit. For example, if you choose a company with a December 31 fiscal year-end, you would probably use 12/31/16 numbers as a current year starting point. Some of the items you could include in your audit plan include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Documentation of your risk assessments related to the company. This could include risks related to the previous bullet above, risks related to any incentives, fraud, illegal acts, related party transactions, etc, or accounting specific risks related to line items on the company’s financial statements
  • Audit programs documenting risk assessments (inherent and control) for the accounting area this pertains to (i.e. revenues, accounts payable, intangible assets, etc), possiblecontrol testwork and substantive procedures to be performed, etc.
    • At the very least, I would think you’d have audit programs for accounts you deem associated with any significant risks and for accounts comprising major parts of company business
    • REQUIRED: Illustrate the role of big data in performing these audit procedures
  • A plan for preliminary analytical procedures based on current year and prior year financial statements

This audit plan/program should be based on Microsoft…

No company history is required as I have already completed it.

The sample document below is an example based on the company Gamestop


On the Gamestop example, in the table of contents you will see Understanding the Client and I have already taken care of that part so please just skip that part… I will go ahead and attach an example from Monster here also… and again anything to do with company history or understanding the client has already been taken care of…

I need you to take care of the risk assessment analytics section, the risk assessment section, and the audit program for significant accounts sections… Any additional information that can be useful are attached here.

the project descritition attached below are the full instructions…

The Monster BevCorp Audit plan pdf is the example from Monster..

Lastly the audit program example doc is a template for what I believe is the last part of the assignment


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