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1.   A supervisor has brought to your office a confiscated computer that was allegedly used to view inappropriate material. He has asked you to look for evidence to support this allegation. Because you work for a small company, you do not have an extra computer you can dedicate to your analysis. How would you boot the system and begin forensic analysis? Provide a reason for your method. 

2.   Explain why you should always search the free space and slack space if you suspect a person has deliberately deleted files or information on a workstation that you are analyzing. 

3.   You have been asked by management to secure the laptop computer of an individual who was just dismissed from the company under unfavorable circumstances. Pretend that your own computer is the laptop that has been secured. Make the first entry in your log book and describe how you would start this incident off correctly by properly protecting and securing the evidence.

4.   You are being hired as the director of IT for a small firm that does retail trade business, and you will be the source of knowledge for all things IT, including security and legal regulations. Outline the legal elements you would want to have policy covering, and include how you would disseminate this information. 

5.   You have just been hired as a system administrator for a small college. The college’s servers are used for database storage and a website that serves the college community. Describe the laws that will potentially impact your job with respect to computer security. What actions will you take to ensure compliance with laws and regulations?

Please note that the requirement here is to write a 1 -2 (500 – 750 words) page paper. Be sure to include at least two reference sources. APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.


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