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These questions should be 150 words each due tomorrow at 11 am I will be placing the budget at 15 don’t accept if you don’t like the price.
1. .Best Practices in “On-BoardingDiscuss effective (best) practices in identifying, evaluating, “on-boarding”, training, and retaining employees.
2.Discipline/Separation Discuss the steps involved in an effective discipline and separation process.
3Employee RecognitionDiscuss the process of becoming an employer of choice. Consider the meaning of satisfiers and motivators in the process of employee encouragement, and the importance of culture as a non-monetary incentive to succeed.
4. Performance PlanningDiscuss performance planning as a process of employee development rather than an administrative necessity. Consider the process of manager/employee planning and communication rather than simply a 6-month or yearly meeting.
5. Policies and Compliance -Discuss policy development and compliance in the context of the three types or orders and two types of compliance. Be sure to focus on how the creation of effective relationships and mutual respect impacts compliance, as well as when the different types of orders are applicable.


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