Article writing homework help

Article writing homework help.


Use the information on the Annotated Bibliography Instruction page to format an annotated bibliography for your Qualitative Research paper. Since the essay requires 5-7 references, you need to have at least 5 sources included in the bibliography. These will be sources you add to your own field research (the interview). As long as the sources you submitted in Annotated Bibliography #1 are still relevant and will be used in the Qualitative paper, you may keep them as two of the sources for this expanded Annotated Bibliography.  

Remember, this is a class that focuses on research, so the evidence you include should be from trustworthy, scholarly sources (i.e. no Wikipedia, clickbait, etc.).  Your source list and your understanding of source credibility should grow and expand as you become more comfortable and competent with research.  Your Annotated Bibliography 2 should show this and represent mostly academic, scholarly sources.

Be sure to consult the APA Resources – 7th Edition for assistance with APA formatting.

Article writing homework help


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