You will also need to read the following articles:




Q1: Best and Worst Promotions

After reading the article on the best and worst promotions, according to the author, what are your thoughts on what makes a promotion good versus a disaster? Have you seen any promotions in advertisements for local casinos that made you wonder who thought of that (positive or negative)? Have fun this with one and think about what you’ve seen flop and succeed.

Q2: Conventions and Meetings

Are conventions and meetings a good source of income to a integrated resort? Why or why not? Are conventions and meetings a bigger business in cities like Las Vegas compared to native gaming locations?

Q3: Group Sales

How and why are group sales important to an integrated casino resort? What are the benefits and potential drawbacks? What are other aspects of sales (tournaments, etc.) and why are they important?

Q4: Defined Markets

Explain how and why a casino resort falls into a particular market. What can the operator do to control this? What aspects are out of the control of the operator? How can a casino resort change their defined market, or can they?

Q5: Impact of Transportation Options

Explain how transportation impacts a casino resort. What aspects of transportation can a casino resort operator control or influence?

Q6: Promotions

Why are promotions important to a casino resort? Before competition from Native Gaming, Las Vegas did not have to promote itself, how has that changed? What are the different types of promotions a casino resort can offer?


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