Hi I must have my paper due on Dec, 1st, its a paper on analyzing an annual report of a company of my choosing. It may be an interest to me, such as a present employer (Trader Joe’s), a company considering investing in or any company. MUST OBTAIN A RECENT COPY OF THEIR ANNUAL REPORT, NOT FOR A YEAR ENDED PRIOR 2015) Must be 3 pages max!

Source of information: Annual Report or Form 10-k(an annual report issued to the securities and exchange commission)(you can tell if it is an annual report it contains an audit opinion from a public accounting firm. You must use an annual report which includes an auditors (or independent registered accounting firm) opinion. 


Specific requirements

1. Describe the type of business products or services, provided by the company

2. Brief summary of company history( start date, significant changes, since its inception, new additions to company, etc.

3. Amount of the company’s assets, net income, owners equity and amount and type of expenses the company had in the year reported, you need to compare them to prior year amount and comment about the change

4. Read the Summary of significant accounting policies (note 1), pick any 3 policies and summarize (ex: “Property, Plant, Equipment”; “Inventory” or any policy mentioned in Note 1. 

Describe it indicate how it impacts the financial statement, in addition, select any other footnote you want and do the same thing with it, your paper should include 4 accounting policies of the company. 


you don’t need to supply the annual report itself, you may copy anything in it that supports your conclusion; but this optional.

Include a bibliography, all sources you used to obtain information for your paper. You should include the specific annual report (identify the year), as well as other sources of information. 

I was told that go online to get free annual reports, my classmate said he got it from here,


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