600 Words Drama Review – Due in 6 Hours

This week we are seeing Sensitive Guys at Interact. Hang on to your playbill so that you can use the names of the production team and actors!

Reviews and Reviewers 10% of total semester grade

Please read the document “How to Write a Review Simple” which I attached to the email.

It has great information about how to write reviews.

Look at the examples I emailed, both online and the jpgs of other reviews. page 8

Read these websites – they offer very good information:

How to Write a Play Review


For this week, you must write a review of SENSITIVE GUYS.

Think about the layout, a photo, etc., and have a title to your review.

For this “You Are The Reviewer” project (10% of your total semester grade), the

review should look like a real one! And the best ones win prizes!

I will not accept something that is just a Word doc. It should look like a newspaper or

or found in a magazine. Points will be taken off if you submit anything outside of the requests and parameters.

You can create it as if it is a newspaper or magazine, but not an internet review.

This week your review should be around 600 words.

I have included in the email several images of Sensitive Guys that you may use. Take your pick.

Never take photos of the theater or during the performance!

Your review should follow the guidelines mentioned in the websites above and be a

good read. Please make your review interesting. You don’t want to bore me!

Save it as a PDF and email it to me no later than Wednesday 2/14 at 11:59pm.

This due date allows those of you seeing it later in the weekend to have time

to write your review.

You should use your playbill for information about the cast/designers so keep it!

*Please note the syllabus where it notes the TU plagarism and academic honesty policy.

Do not steal your content from other reviews recently written. I’ll be watching!

I have attached the examples. Also i dont want it to be high end. Its not my major so just keep it simple.


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