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annotated bibliography of a literature search of 15 peer reviewed nursing articles on effective hand off processes and performing a learning needs assessment. Annotated bibliography should be 15 peer reviewed nursing articles (no greater than 5 years old) on effective hand off processes and performing a learning needs assessment. Should be in APA Masters level format. Please send in an APA masters level document that can be edited. If there are ANY delays to completing this assignment, so that I can make alternate arrangements. Again, peer-reviewed nursing journal articles published within the last 5 years.

Please use the articles I have attached, including their doi. All must be APA, In addition, please find 2 other articles peer-reviewed nursing journal articles on conducting a learning needs assessment

This list is attached, but please include 2 other peer reviewed nursign journal articles on conducting a learning needs assessment. Please make sure they include doi(digital object identifier) for all articles

Will upload the 15 articles to be annotated and instructions 

Nursing experts only  for  Annotated Bibliography 

The Limits of Checklists: Handoff and Narrative Thinking 

Brian Hilligoss and Susan Moffatt-Bruce, 2014 – British Medical Journal Qual and Saf

Flow Disruptions in Trauma Care Handoffs

Catchpole, Gangi, Blocker, Ley, Blaha, Gewertz, Wiegmann, 2013 – Journal of Surgical Research

A Survey of Handoff Practices in Emergency Medicine

Kessler, Shakeel, Hern, Jones, Comes, Kulstad, Gallahue, Burns, Knapp, Gang, Davenport, Osborne, Velez, 2014 – Journal of Medical Quality

The Ins and Outs of Change of Shift Handoffs Between Nurses: a Communication Challenge

Carroll, Williams, Gallivan, 2012 – BMJ Qual and Saf

Patient Handoffs: What They Are and How They Contribute to Patient Safety

Kear, 2016 – Nephrology Nursing Journal

Bridging Gaps in Handoffs: A continuity of care based approach

Abraham, Kannampallil, Patel, 2011 – Journal of Biomedical Informatics

Can We Talk? The art and science of a handoff conversation

Johnson, Arora, 2016 – BMJ Qual and Saf

Changes in Medical Errors after implementation of a handoff program

Starmer, srivastaba, etc.., 2014, New England Journal of Medicine

Handoffs and patient safety: grasping the story and painting a full picture

Birmingham, Buffman, Blegren, Lyndon, 2015 – Western Journal of Nursing Research

Standardized handoff report form in clinical nursing education: an educational tool for patients safety and quality of care

2015 Nurse Education today

Optimizing the patient handoff between emergency medical services and the emergency department

Meisel, Shea, etc.., 2015, Annals of emergency medicine

Handoffs, safety culture, and practices evidence from the hospital survey on patient safety culture

Lee, Phan, etc.., 2016 – BMC Health services research 

Comparative evaluation of the content and structure of communication using two handoff tools: implications for patients safety

Abraham, Kannampallil, etc.. 2014, Journal of critical care

Bedside shift report improves patient safety and nurse accountability

Baker, 2010, Journal of emergency nursing online

Please include 2 more peer reviewed nursing journal articles on conducting a learning needs assessment…. Thanks, 


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