3 Page Paper – Contemporary International Problems

Instructions: Be sure to answer the questions in full and in detail. Length of answers will vary, but you can expect at least one page per answer.


1) The study of conflict is central to the field of international relations. In this course, we examined each of the three major theories (realism, liberalism, and constructivism). Describe how each theory explains the nature of conflict and, secondly, describe how each theory suggests conflict tends to (or should) be resolved.

2) Due to globalization, the world has become increasingly interdependent. Do you believe that this interdependence makes world politics more or less likely to descend into conflict? Furthermore, do you believe that some states will benefit from this system more than others? Or will all benefit equally? Explain your answer.

3) The threat of terrorism has become a high priority of the U.S. and other Western governments in recent years. However, the threat of terrorism is constantly evolving – oftentimes faster than many states’ strategies and tactics. Propose three initiatives that the U.S. can implement to address specific challenges related to terrorism. In your answer, provide some detail in terms of how much such initiatives would cost, precisely which aspect of terrorism each is intended to address, as well as any civil liberties concerns.


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