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 Instructions: Final Version – Spring 2018

This assignment meets COB Learning Goal #2 – Problem Solving and is being used for quality assurance.

Identify a problem at a company that you feel can be improved by implementing a new process or technology. Note: This must be a real company and a real process that you feel needs improvement but the focus should NOT be on the company but rather on the process to be improved.

Note:  You may want to start with either a problem that you have identified at a company OR a technology advancement or tool that you feel could help with a problem at a company, rather than starting with the company itself.


Identify an operations problem that could negatively affect the efficiency and/ or productivity of the organization. This problem must be one that can be resolved by implementing a new technology.
Clearly define the current process (“current state”), including the problem, in detail, and provide supporting flowcharts and diagrams. *You may have to create these.
Break up large problems into smaller sub-problems.
Clearly state the impact and the extent of the problem on the organization and/or customer
Clearly state the purpose of the paper as an attempt to solve the problem you have identified.

Identify relevant factors leading to the problem (e.g. social, political, economic, and legal). One example of a factor would be an OSHA Safety Regulation.
Clearly state possible causes of the problem
Be sure to identify the difference between a symptom and a problem
Clearly state all issues (reasons why the problem is important to resolve), including any secondary or ‘non-obvious’ issues
Prioritize issues

Research emerging technology or process innovations that could be an opportunity for the company and this process.
Identify and describe a minimum of two possible solutions to the problem through the implementation of researched technology innovations.
Describe fully the possible solutions, including supporting flowcharts and diagrams
Discuss merits of both solutions, including all relevant factors necessary to make a decision between the two. Be sure not to neglect cost factors (you may need to provide estimated costs)

Clearly state your proposed solution (one of the two options proposed in LO3: Problem Solutions)
Explain in detail why you are recommending this solution and how you feel it will specifically solve or alleviate the problem(s) and issues you identified (Justify solution)
Describe solution benefit(s)
Discuss the feasibility of the solution
Present an implementation plan for your proposed solution

Correctly defined terminology used
Used analytical tools and technology in paper
Performed appropriate calculations
Used analysis to find and justify decisions
Paper well organized and sections clearly defined
APA format, this includes abstract
Correct grammar and spelling
You MUST have references (not just personal knowledge or personal interviews) as this is a research paper and you MUST properly source all of your references, including people interviewed, if applicable. There is no minimum amount of references – again use as many as necessary to adequately cover the objectives as assigned.

Note:  I do not believe in assigning a page requirement for a paper.  Your paper should be as long as necessary to adequately cover the learning objectives listed above.

Number of Pages: 2 Pages

Academic Level: College

Paper Format: APA 


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