100 word answer

Consider the following scenario:

Francisco is a fifth grade student who meets the eligibility   requirements for emotional behavioral disorder. While his testing   indicates no cognitive deficiencies, he consistently performs in the   average to below average range in most subjects. He has current IEP   goals to work on requesting assistance, anger and stress management,   and completing requested tasks.

In the past two weeks, Francisco has had five referrals for   behaviors such as yelling at the teacher, tossing paper and books on   the floor, refusing to comply with requested tasks, and pushing   another student while on the way to the office.

The IEP team has been working with Francisco on his goals and an FBA   has already been completed. The function of the behavior has been   determined as task avoidance. His work has already been reduced   and modified to make sure it is at the correct level of difficulty and   prompts and frequent breaks have been offered.

Positive behavior supports have also been put in place to help   Francisco in meeting his goals (i.e., cue card to remind him of his   options when he is frustrated, praise reinforcement, and earned breaks   to work or play on the computer before returning to work when a task   is finished).

Despite the interventions, the team feels Francisco’s   disruptive behavior is escalating. On two recent occasions, the class   had to be moved away from him because of his outbursts when he refused   to go to the office.   

What additional steps might the team take to assist Francisco? How   should they determine whether a different placement is needed? How   might FAPE and LRE affect this decision-making? Rationalize your choices.


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